Count of unique IDs. How do I do this



I capture a unique id when a customer logs in.  They log in multiple times a month.  What I'm looking for is a count of the unique Ids a month.  I have well over a million unique Id's logging in a month.

How do I do this?  Preferably without going to data warehouse; I need a bit a bit of a faster turnaround. 

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Not sure if this will work for you (as you have over a million) but try creating the following calculated metric

Look for 'Approximate Count Distinct' ... as the label suggests this is approx (but may be good enough)

Add the dimension sprop/evar

.. and apply to table 

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Answers (1)




Dear Mark,

Mostly for the count, I will use Adhoc Analysis or Workspace to get the count : One Row = One Unique Count. Easy and simple way!


But the above wont help if you have (Low-traffic) grouped into one line.

So, if you have (Low-traffic) grouped into one line, you should go only to Data Warehouse. No other go!

And you can do this advanced implementation using getValOnce with an event assigned to it and set the expiration to 30 days. Now, the event count will get you the unique count for the period of 30 days.

Thank You!