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Connect Adobe Analytics to Google ads


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I would like to use the data from Adobe Analytics to run a Google ads campaign. Therefore, I need to connect Adobe Analytics to my ad account. As I'm not used to working with Adobe, I have no idea where to start. Could somebody help me with this set-up? 

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Analytics wouldn't be the right product to connect. Instead, you want to look at Adobe Audience Manager (AAM).  Contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager for more information.


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Hi @Lindsay1 , Recommendation to use AAM to share segment to google Ads. I have used People-based Destinations to send segments to destination like Facebook.




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Hi @Lindsay1 ,


We have launched a connector at Summit that can accomplish send Adobe Analytics segments directly into Google Ads. Here is the quick demo to see how it works and you can learn more on the Datajoin site here.


Our free-tier is available so you can test drive it yourself.


Let us know if any questions on this.