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Compare Marketing Channels between web and mobile application


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I am not sure if someone asked this question before.


Recently we have been trying to look into Marketing Channels to implement in my company.


After research, we deduced that this feature is only applicable on the website, by creating our own processing rules and then seeing the values under dimension "Marketing Channel" in Workspace.


However in our company we have both a website and a mobile application, and so far, our tracking plan is similar on both (with subtle differences of course).


For the Marketing Channels, it is important to us to compare the traffic sources between web and app by using the same variable. 


Is there a workaround available ?


Can we assign the value of Marketing Channel to an eVar on the web, and then compare it to the same eVar on the app  (that is assigned directly in the code of the app by the developers) ?


Currently the solution we are going with is creating our custom code in Launch to assign this variable (eVar) for the web, and ask the developers to code the same logic natively on the app. 


But it would be preferable/more robust if we can use Marketing Channels on both.


Thank you in advance.

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Marketing Channels can't be exposed in eVars because they're set when AA processes its collected data.

But Marketing Channels are applicable to both web and app, since they're actually applied at the report suite's level. So you should still be able to make use of Marketing Channels with your app's data, though it won't be as straightforward as with web data.

E.g. to set the app's Marketing Channel from your paid campaigns: assuming the user opens www.website.com?cid=abc123 on his phone. The website loads, and then there is code in there that automatically triggers his app to open. By right, your app's developer should be able to detect that original www.website.com?cid=abc123 URL.

It might be detected as the Referrer, in which case it should be straightforward for Marketing Channel Processing Rules to detect it and set the Marketing Channel appropriately.

If it's not detected as a Referrer, then your app's developer might need to extract that "abc123" tracking code and set it with the s.campaign variable, so that you can use it as the Tracking Code in your Marketing Channel Processing Rule.


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Is there documentation on how to implement Marketing Channel in a mobile app? I followed the documentation but it doesn't wort for my mobile app. Maybe there is something that I am missing.