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Average of days between one event and the other


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Hi Community, 

How can I get the dates difference between two events for the same user. We have a site where users can take a test. User can repeat test at any time, N times.

When users complete test, they got to "Test Completed Page". Currently we have no event for counting, but we could create it if necessary.

We would like to know the average of days between one test and the other.

Thank you,

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At an individual user level, I don't know if this can be done with Workspace (without adding additional tracking - Workspaces are designed more for aggregate data).. but should be possible with Raw Data Feeds and SQL with your currently collected data... but if you aren't already set up for Data Feed processing then this would be a large undertaking (to get the feeds set up and sent to a location, then to process them all correctly, then to create the SQL to create the report, etc).


If you have the opportunity to implement new tracking and start reporting from that point, then there are a few plug-ins from Adobe that you can explore:


I also found this blog post (mostly focusing on "Time between funnel steps") that you might be able to leverage some of the logic from this and apply it to your needs



I hope this is at least a good start to your solution, good luck.


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Sorry, I was not clear. It's the same event. What I need to get the days count difference between the same event. For example:

  • User 1: completed test on Dec 7th, completed test again on Dec 9th = 2 days
  • User 2: completed test on Dec 8th, completed test again on Dec 16th = 8 days
  • Average:  6 days


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Yes, I understand that.. but I also don't know of ANY way to do that per user in Workspace... as it's not designed for that type of in-depth, granular, per user, calculations.... 


I am suggesting new tracking that you would have to implement (basically using functions designed to look at "start" and "end" flows but change it to trigger between test completes:


i.e. First time completing the test would trigger a "start" (but no end)... the second time a user completes a test, trigger a "stop" (to get the time since the last time the user started), then immediately after getting the time since the last "start", trigger a new "start" for the next calculated time.... Then you would be collecting time between test completes.


If you don't want to do that, then I suggest you pull all the data out using Raw Data Feeds, process it  (exclude hits that shouldn't be part of the data), then use SQL to look at the timestamps for each test complete per user and calculate the average time between completions that way....