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Click to page data warehouse dimension


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Hello analytics lovers,


I guess I have a kinda **bleep** question, I found a dimension called click to page in the data warehouse. In relation to other dimensions and metrics it gives us some pretty strange numbers. We kind of understand it as a dimension of occurences but I would like to know its more specific functioning and definition. Can any of you give me some advice? Thanks a lot, everyone.



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I believe that "Clicks to Page" is the number of page views that preceded the current page view (or maybe the number of page views until this point - most of the documentation seems to be gone.. it's likely a legacy field).


So within a Visit:

  • Page 1 (Entry)
    • Clicks to Page: 0 (or maybe 1)
  • Page 2
    • Clicks to Page: 1 (or maybe 2)
  • Page 3
    • Clicks to Page: 2 (or maybe 3)
  • etc


This isn't a dimension I've ever used... I would imagine this could be used to see a distribution of how many pages were seen before hitting a specific page (this could be useful as a histogram maybe)...


But given it doesn't appear to be available in Workspace, I would be a little distrustful of it without doing an in-depth validation of it....