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Change Management Process | Tools, Best Practices, Recommendations


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Hi All, 


Our team is looking to develop a streamlined change management process for our regular Adobe UI Users, Clickstream Users, and Livestream users. We come from a large company where minor changes to variables, bugs, updates can have wide impacts to our metrics. 


The goal of this process would to be able to provide our end users with a centralized location to view changes, updates, at catalog of our data elements that can be easily updated and maintained. We have had some minor success using excel workbooks, but we would ideally like to have a more robust solution. Does anyone have experience with communicating/managing changes of Adobe Data to their end users, a third party tool that is useful? Or perhaps something provided directly from Adobe? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

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I worked in an org with over 900 end users of Workspace plus Clickstream & 900+ KPIS (with a team of only 9)

How we dealt with it was creating a hierarchy of data 

  1. KPI- trended 2 years
  2. Diagnostic - interrogated KPIS & can trend no more than 3-6 mths
  3. Dormant - data that was not regularly used 

KPI was locked annually- data informing these KPIS were tagged & highly managed. Changes in launch (or Tealium etc etc) could not impact KPIS  Changes to AA capture  impacting KPIS had an approval process 


It was a centre of execution model (rather than Centre of excellence) 


This greatly reduced the amount of Wiki entrees & communication needed & promoted the understanding that digital data is live 



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Hello.  I was starting to think about something similar and the strategy that I'm exploring is using some kind of internal site or confluence or wiki to document the 'most recent' solution with callouts/links to previous versions with roll out dates.


So imagine a wiki page detailing what information is captured on a page view.  the page would list

- what action did the user take (in this example, seeing a page)

- what information was captured (every prop, evar, event)

- screenshot of a report from Adobe (R&A or Workspace) 

and then links to previous page, where applicable, indicating when changes to that requirement was made.


I was thinking it would be responsibility of the analytics engineer to keep these pages update and every time a adobe analytics code change is made, these documents would have to be updated.


I haven't implemented this yet, but is a goal for 2022.


I hope that helps