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Calendar & Starting Week on Monday Without Having to Change Calendar To Modified Gregorian Option


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It is possible in Adobe Analytics to have a custom calendar option so that the week starts on Monday & finishes Sunday & the week dimension shows starting day / date of week as Monday (without having having to change calendar option to Modified Gregorian calendar). Currently the Report  Suite's week starting day is Sunday.


Updating calendar option to Modified Gregorian Calendar would mean changing option for all reports / dashes and would like to be able to have choice to start weeks either on Sunday for  Monday for different stakeholder reporting needs.


Have tried creating rolling dates but week dimension still shows start day / date value of week as starting on Sunday rather than required Monday date

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LOL, I literally just recorded a session on this for the Sept 8 Experience Makers Skill Exchange event.




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I am torn between ruining the data for the event, and helping you now 😛


I actually have to be somewhere else right now, I will check back in shortly.


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Hi, whenever you have a moment any info / guidance would be much appreciated


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Hi, sorry for making you wait so long... 


While the webinar will go into more details, you essentially have to create a series of custom rolling dates:

  • Custom 1 Week Ago (M-S)
  • Custom 2 Weeks Ago (M-S)
  • Custom 3 Weeks Ago (M-S)
  • etc

You can use whatever naming convention you want... 


Then you don't break down by "Week", you actually need to pull in your custom date ranges:



You create these using by using the standard week definitions, then applying math to shift the start and end dates:


1 Week Ago:



2 Weeks Ago:





You have to create as many custom date ranges as you need for your report (yeah, I know... it kind of sucks), but if you once you create them, they should be reusable components. 


Word of note, the drawback here is you can't use Line Graph, as this is still tied to standard calendar granularity, but you can use a bar graph as a proxy.


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You're welcome 🙂  Hopefully you can attend, or watch the webinar which may have some more info that could be helpful to you. But at least you have a head start to keep working for now.

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