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Calculate average time spent by user per session


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Hi All,


I have a dimension user login wherein I have list of user and against them I have journey ID. How can I visualize average time spent by an user for each journey ID.


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Hi @PranavGu 


You can use Average time on site  to find the average time spend by user for each journey.


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Hello @PranavGu , 


The "Average time on site" (ATOS) metric is a little miss labeled as it works for any dimension not just the entire time they are on the site.  so, of you have a dimension for ID's, you can drop the ATOS metric in the column and the ID's on the rows and see what the ATOS is for their entire journey.  


Additionally, you can see this for specific pages as well allowing you to see the average time on that "page".  This has application to most dimensions (although it doesn't make sense to use this on all dimensions).  


see an example below: