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Page Views In Adobe WorkSpace And Data Warehouse does not tally


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Hi all when getting the data exported from data warehouse I have exported 2 metrics, bookings and page views. The number for the month of Jan-April 2024 for pages views is almost doubled in excel but bookings matches exactly. I am using all the same metrics and dimensions for both workspace and data warehouse what is the cause for this discrepancy?

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Data warehouse will not de-duplicate the Visits and Visitors. 


Visit Criteria Last Touch ChannelPageNamePage ViewsVisitsUnique Visitors
Visit 1Search A111
 Search B111


As per workspace: for search 3 Page Views, 1 Visits and 1 Unique visitors

In Datawarehouse report: it will give you 3 Page Views, 3 Visits and 3 unique visitors.


Can you please check in your report if you are applying any segment?


Community Advisor

What other dimensions are a part of your exports?


For instance, if you have two products (which are basically list data) each product from the same hit would count it's own booking, but might "duplicate" on the page view..


For instance, in a single transaction, I book "Product A" and "Product B"... this should be 1 Page View and 2 Bookings...


But in the Data Warehouse export, I would see the data like this:


  Page View Booking
Product A 1 1
Product B 1 1



Even through these are on the same hit, the way the data is flattened would result in duplicated page views.....


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Hi @BrendomLu,

Can you confirm dimensions you're comparing/ exporting with metrics (like Pageviews).


Normally, In certain high cardinality variables (eVars) the data is collated under "low-traffic" which doesn't apply when exporting via Datawarehouse exports.


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You will need to account for deduping yourself.  


Doing the same thing I had to account for visits by looking at a distinct count of [MCVISID + visit number], this provided an exact match to visits between the datawarehouse export and workspace.  


similarly something similar will be needed for page views.  Example; [MCVISID + visit number + page visit number (or a similar dimension)]