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Automation of Adobe Analytics Regression testing


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Is there a way to automate regression testing of Adobe Analytics events of multiple websites?, For example, if I have to test if the rating review open and submit event is firing for multiple websites. Not only if it is firing, but also if it is double firing.

I have heard of Python & Selenium. But is it a good idea to use this for this kind of testing, especially when every website has a somewhat different UX?

We don't have Observepoint license at the moment, but how useful can it be for this?

Or is there any other option besides these?

Thank you in advance.

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There is not really an easy option here. Automation testing is not an easy thing when it comes to tagging as it would require a fair amount of set up and maintenance. 


You can opt to use different automation tools out there to create automation testing like Selenium as you mentioned. I have done an example of such project using Puppeteer in the past https://github.com/alcazes/Puppeteer-with-Mocha-and-Chai . This will work best with data layer tagging implementation than DOM implementations. The reasons behind it is that DOM can change at any point and it will break your automation tests. 


The best solution would be to implement a strong data layer on your platform and create a tagging that solely relies on the data layer and its events. Once it is implemented and you tested the different permutation of events and validated that rules are fired correctly then you can expect that anytime your platform developers use the same data layer event then the same rules will trigger and same data will be send. Also your platform development team deploying the data layer will write unit tests and integration tests to validate data layer is correct, by doing so they will ultimately do the automation test that you are seeking on their side.


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Thank you so much for the quick response! Do you mean to say the events should be page load events as opposed to on click events?

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