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appendVisitorIDsTo() - Cross domain tracking not working between native app and webviews


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Hi All,


We have a mobile app that tracks traffic data in Adobe Analytics. Within the app, we render native app content and webviews of a few webpages.


We use appendVisitorIDsTo() for cross-domain tracking and make sure visitors are not identified twice. Although the native app content is appending the ECID to the destination URL (of the webviews) as expected - we confirmed by seeing Charles proxy session, we still see that a new ECID is being created on webviews.


Can you guide or point me to the root cause for this issue? Thank you so much in advance.






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Please also check the configuration of the Experience Cloud ID Service extensions in Adobe Launch for the website. That is the extension on your website taking the ECID from the URL and using that for visit stitching. I once messed up some of the configurations, perhaps cookieDomain and I can't remember which one, then having the same result that no visit stitch.

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 2.31.26 PM.png