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Any ideas on how to get an 'Active days per week/month' for a visitor?


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Hi Community!


I'm hoping to create a calculated metric in adobe for 'average active days per user in a week/ month'. eg: If I was active (visited) on Mon and Wed this week, my number would be 2 for the week in question. In summary,  the days in a week or month on average that an app used. 


Do you think this is possible? 


Thank you!





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To do this you could use the "count distinct" function in a calculated metric.

To build it you just need to put the dimension "day" in there, and it will count the unique dates that appear. When you put this against a visitor ID of some type, the day will only populate if they visited the site on that day, so it will return the (approximate) number of days that they were on the site. This will work if you're looking at each visitor individually (one per row).




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Thank you, @MandyGeorge ! 

I had got as far as the approx count distinct for 'days', but hadn't thought to put it against the visitor id dimension. 

I wonder if there's a way to create the whole thing as a calc metric? I had originally tried using the disc. count of days / unique visitors, but that doesn't create the desired outcome


Thanks again 


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That's one of the difficult things with a lot of the functions in calculated metrics. They require the information to exist in each individual row to be able to do calculations.


If you want to get an average across all visitors, take the distinct days metric and put it inside the "mean" function. That'll give you an average, but you still need your visitor id in the rows for it to work.