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Analyze Country visits from certain pages


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Hello Adobe community,

I have a list of around 30 pages which a manually drag and dropped into a freeform table. Now I wanted to get a list of the country visits of those 30 pages. I selected all those pages and created a segment of the selection and added that segment on a new panel and used "country" combined with "visits" in a new freeform table. No matter what I chose between Hit Visit or Visitor, I never get the same visit amount than in my list of the 30 pages. They are different results, like 560 > 700. 

I also tried to do the segment manually and add every page and add new ones with an "or". Page "equals" selected the page and added all the new ones with "or".

What is the best case to get the countries from specific page visits?


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Your segment should definitely be Hit in this case (it's unlikely to change countries mid visit (unless the person is travelling) but Visitor would follow that visitor's device everywhere).


Your segment:


     Page equals A


     Page equals B




should be correct, then breaking that down by Country and Visit metric in the table should get you what you are looking for....


If the numbers don't match, do you have any sort of IP obfuscation enabled? Any privacy settings that would prevent the IP address from being recorded and therefore the country cannot be determined?


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Thank you for the reply @Jennifer_Dungan!

Now I added the segment and it shows all the same pages than without the segment, which is a good thing. But the visit number is 694 (should be 905) like without the segment.

Something weird is going on with this. I noticed when I select all the rows and click on right click and "display only selected rows" the number will jump to the correct one (using 100 rows and total is 29). Changing from 694 to 905. And I do not touch the segment. The sum is not the correct number if I add each row manually (its 905 not 694). If I apply the Countries dimension instead of the page, it jumps back to 694.

Regarding IPs: if it was enables it still should show anything like "unspecified or undefined"?

Any ideas? Thank you


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Remember that the totals when it comes to visits will be de-duplicated...


I think if you "show only selected rows" then each item is treated as a segment, which won't de-duplicate...


But multiple pages will be in the same visit, so when you have a segment for page a or b or c, then breakdown by country, you will be getting the actual visits for those pages.