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Analytics identifiers


Level 3

Hello everyone!

According to this documentation, Adobe Target can automatically forward the analytics payload to Adobe Analytics if the following identifiers are provided: supplementalDataId and trackingServer.

Would you mind pointing me out where to find those identifiers?


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Level 9

Hey Pedro, 


I have responded to your query in the Target community but to answer it here as well.

For supplemental data id, you can look at the analytics network call in Omnibug or network panel for the sdid parameter like below:



This value, should match your target delivery call  supplemental data id(search for 'delivery' in network panel). Look at the below supplemental data id, it matches the above analytics call for A4T setup to work correctly.





For tracking server, look at the request url under headers in the same network call, the domain is your tracking server.





Hope the above helps.





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Thanks @abhinavbalooni 

Is the tracking server my Adobe client ID as a subdomain followed by "omtrdc.net/b/ss"?

I mean, something like this: https://[ADOBE_CLIENT_ID].tt.omtrdc.net/b/ss ?


Level 9

Hey @PedroFi 


The value till '.net' just before '/b' would be your tracking server, since you are looking for Analytics tracking server.


If you already have analytics implemented, you can grab it from the network call like I showed you.


Hope that helps.