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I would like to ask, whether someone knows, how I can deal with the following issue.

Subject of the analysis: “How many titles, which people checked had been downloaded


All titles for particular books are available as dimensions called “Content Context Title” and are registered as eVars

Below you can see, how we can distinguish a traffic for particular titles:

We also track an event called: “Titledownload” - it is called, when people just click the button on page and download particular titles.


Taking into account aforementioned information, I wanted to check how many visits and unique visitors were registered for situations, when people download particular titles.

Therefore I wanted to check all visits, where last steps registered within the particular visits were as follow: particular title -> Titledownload  (combination of eVar and event)


In order to do this I used Fallout analysis from the Analysis Workspace

I defined 2 steps:  eVar with particular title -> Action Name: Titledownload


Please find below 2 pics with data registered for “Visitors” and “Visits”:


As we can see we have for the same time period:

366 Visitors and 249 Visits …. It doesn’t make sense.

Do you know, why I got these strange results and how I could prepare such analysis in a different (proper) way?

Analysis with such elements:

- evar (Title) -> Title

- event: Action -> Titledownload 

should be prepared taking into account that those aforementioned elements need to be consecutive -> Titledownload should be called just after the eVar (Title).


I also created following segments:

But I also thought that if I take into consideration that people can check title and after more than 30 min click "download" option then maybe such segment would be enough:


It seems to be a very simply analysis, but I am a little bit confused, why there are disparities and which way is correct.


I will be very thankful for your feedback.




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