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Alert Preview Showing Incorrect Numbers


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Background - I am setting up an alert to see if the tracking is broken for certain products. I have set up the following alert conditions:


The alert preview is showing that it would have triggered 9 times in the last 30 days


However, the data in Adobe Analytics indicates it should have triggered 18 times. 


What can I do to set up this alert to be accurate?

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Hmm interestingly, while I don't have any days where my visits are 0; if I create that alert it returns 10 for me... the exact number of "weekends" where the "Weekday" filter is applied (resulting in 0 values on the weekends....)




I am going to have to think about this.. and see if I can figure out a better way to pull what you need.. 



Community Advisor

hi @Yohan_khan00 I am assuming that your intention here is prevent alerts over the weekend? So basically, you only want to alerts to fire for weekdays when your Visits are 0?


If so, I think you will need to do a modified variant of 



But, instead of creating a segment for time of day and applying it to a calculated metric, you would need to create a calculated metric that looks at the weekday/weekend dimension:





In the above definition, I am looking for IF there are ANY occurrences on a weekend (trying to get the most inclusive definition possible here), then I force the value to be "1000" (well above your threshold). This means that the "value if false"; should fall on Weekdays, and use standard Visits metric.


If you create an alert using this segment, you would use this custom metric in your check for "is below or equal to 0" (all the logic should be built into the calculated metric and result in your weekdays that have 0 as being the alerted days).