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Adobe API Data extraction - Getting Top n values of a dimension


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Hello everyone, 


I am trying data extraction using Adobe API through JWT authentication. 


I have created an Adobe workspace with a metric and dimension in rows and day in column as seen below



The above dimension has 3 dimension items so its easy to extract data from API. 

I have another dimension which has 100+ items  and I want to pull top 50 for the given time period from these every time. 


Can you guide me in how to proceed with this ?

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It seems a 'limit' in your request would give you the result you are after. If you search limit in this documentation you will find some examples: https://www.adobe.io/apis/experiencecloud/analytics/docs.html#!AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis/master/r...

Another option is to create the report you want to generate via the api in workspace and then view the api request generated by workspace, then you can use that same api request outside of the UI or as a template for future requests: 



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Hi @Garretth 


Thanks for the response. I was able to achieve the result partially with the top items and limit. 


But the limit is pegged at 1000 and the top n items considers visits as a reference to return the 1000 items. 


The top n items changes based on any filters ( segments or calculated metrics ) we use and this result wont be same as the one that considers just visits.