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Adobe Analytics workspace does not match the data in Power BI Connector, specifically for visits


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There was a similar post to this one a while back, but the post ended with the user submitting a ticket. My main issue is in regards of when connecting the adobe server to power bi to transfer some of my reports. The (unique) visitors in Power BI are higher than I see in my Adobe report. However, the other metrics such as visits are pretty close between both Adobe Analytics and Power BI though. 


To clarify, this is when I am using data granularity, unique visitors, and checking off server for dimensions.

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@Trey-10  I would check following -

1. Adobe Analytics and Power BI both should have same time zone settings.

2. Remove the date granularity fields from the data being loaded to PowerBI check the visitor count if that is correct?

3. When you include the date granularity fields the total values may show incorrect counts. The Adobe Analytics connector, default unique visitors field  provide a sum for the date granularity selected, and while aggregating to higher levels it just adds up those values. In other words, it doesn't actually account for the number of true unique visitors.


I think, option is to use raw export that pulled the data from data warehouse and loaded onto a SQL DB. The raw data should have filed unique visitor identifier which can be used in PowerBI to do Count Distinct functions. That should provided accurate unique visitor numbers for whatever date granularity was selected. Lmk