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I have a question regarding the PageView data in Adobe analytics compared to the data I see in the advertising tool outbrain.

Outbrain tells me that I've had thousends of clicks on my banner ads wich lead to the campaign-URL with tracking parameters. When I search for these tracking-parameters in Adobe Analytics the tool tells me that there were only a fraction of pageviews for the period compared to outbrain.

For example:

In febuary I had an outbrain campaign with 1.469 clicks (according to outbrain).

Every URL had a tracking implemented.

Now I look up the campaign tracking in Adobe Analyitcs and there it says that the page with these utm-parameters were only visited 240 times.

Does someone has an idea what could be the problem? I'm pretty sure that there is no mistake in the way the Adobe tracking is implemented because compared with the data I get out of Google Ads there are only minimal differences.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

With kind regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Check how your campaign variable is set up in terms or allocation and expiration as well.

If you capture the URL with query params in another dimension run it and you should be able to see how many time specific urls where loaded.

You might have some code issues that do not grab the query param for some reasons.

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