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[Adobe Analytics API] Data shape of the resulting report JSON.


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Hello, I have the following question regarding the Adibe Analytics API's /report endpoint:

The shape of the resulting report JSON consists of 1 column per metric (for a set of segments if these are defined in the filters) and 1 row per dimension value (1 row per day for example).

If we intend to create a report with the same data as a Freeform table from an Adoe Analytics Dashboard, where we have M metrics, S segments and D dimension values, using the /reports endpoint this would result in a JSON report with M*S columns and D rows. This shape is quite different when compared to the shape of the data in the Freeform table (M columns by S rows)

My question, with the aim of obtaining a JSON format as close as possible as the one in the Freeform table, is if it is possible to, instead of having 1 row per Dimension value, have 1 row per Segment (from a specified list of segments), thus also resulting in only 1 column per Metric.

Example of the intended JSON:

		"data":["Nov 1 2019", 65.0, 44.0]
		"data":["Nov 1 2019", 31.0, 87.0]
		"data":["Nov 1 2019", 21.0, 43.0]


Is it possible to obtain this format? Or something similar?

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