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[Adobe Analytics API] Specifying multiple name filters in components GET requests


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Hi, I have the following question regarding the Adobe Analytics API:

Is there a way to specify multiple names of metrics/calculatedmetrics/segments in the respective GET endpoints' parameters so that the response contains data only about the specified components?

E.g. calling the \segments endpoint with parameter names="segment1,segment2,segment3" returns a JSON response with data on the 3 segments in it's content.

From what I understand from the documentation we can specify name keywords in the \segments endpoint, but the response only contains data on segments that have all of the keywords in their names, so if we want multiple segments with completely different names, we have to either do 1 GET request per segment, or do 1 (more if there are more than 1000 total segments) GET request that returns all segments and filter them on client side.

The same thing happens for \calculatedmetrics and the \metrics endpoint does not even have a name filter parameter.


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