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Activity Map overlay showing wrint percentages


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Hi everyone,

when I use the Activity Map overlay (same for all of my clients), it gives me a list of clicked links to a certain page. When I download this report for a whole day, I see that the percentages are calculated anyhow differently from what I expected.

The description says:


So, I thought 10 out of 100 total clicks in the list (100 should be the total of my clicks from this page) means 10%, but it's always lower. For me, clicks is a metric i can sum up. Unfortunately, I can't attach files, but in my export from yesterday there's a sum of 3'613 clicks, the first item has 832, and Activity Map says it's 18.95%. It's definitely not, 832/3613*100 is 23.02%.

Does one of you know, why percentages are calculated wrong?

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I will pre-face this answer by stating up-front, I haven't used this tool for years; but I will say that is odd!


I pulled up the extension and am seeing the same thing... So then I went to Workspace and pulled up the same info... I currently have at least 3 entire links (my top 3 links at that we definitely missing) that show in Workspace and not in the plugin.... So the % comes out the same.. but when I take the links that were missing in the plugin into account, the values now make sense!


So while I can't explain why the extension is missing data and causing confusion, I can help you build a report in Workspace.



In Workspace, you want to look for "Activity Map Page", "Activity Map Link" and "Activity Map Link Instances"


Find the page you want the report for in "Activity Map Page" (for instance "home" or whatever your PageName value is - you can add this to the panel level, or in your freeform table).


Then use the Metric "Activity Map Link Instances" and use "Activity Map Link" as your breakdown.


Now, because this is in Workspace, you have a lot more freedom to visualize and add additional context.


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Interesting, thanks for your investigation. That's the worst case. It seems like you simply can't trust the values from the extension, though it is pretty easy to understand for non-Analytics users.


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Yeah.. that doesn't seem right... 


Mostly for me, I stopped using it cause it was kind of slow (and some of our older sites, the design didn't really lend itself well to these overlays.. the new sites work better)... and when it comes to my main menu clicks, I am far more interested in them across the site... which I think you can do now... I don't think that was available when the plugin first came out...


Basically, I use Workspace exclusively now... but for people that want to use it.. that seems like a rather large bug!