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[WORKSPACE] Sorting by dimensions



Since the prehistory... In Adobe Analytics the possibility of sorting by dimension is something impossible.

Now we have workspace and I really dream to have it.

In freeform table we can sort by value we have in columns but not by value we have in rows. Please let's make it !! There are tons of reason why we need it. Try to think about a report where I'd like to have data sorted by Category of products, Zip codes, Order Id, Attributes of product...



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Yep. Missing this feature too. e.g. data table contains dimension/row country. We have 25 countries in place.

Each country wants to find immediately their figures in the table. So sorting according to country is really missing.


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If you select only some values of your dimension (right click > display only selected rows), you can at least sort them by alphabetical order...


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The following ideas are duplicated by this one:

Sort Reports by Variable/Pagename not just Events/Metrics columns

Allow alphabetical sorting

This adds an additional 152 votes to this idea.

Also, to preemptively answer your question on why an idea with 134 votes was archived in favor of a question with 14 votes, the date and relevance of the idea are the main factors involved.


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I also want to be able to order them manually! I have tables using metrics as rows and alphabetical order does nothing for me in that scenario.




It's a so basic feature missing in Adobe Analytics since the ice age!!!

Developers, try to read your phonebook sorted by phone number and tell me what you think....


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I really miss that feature as well, sometimes the order of the Dimension is way more important than the Amount of Visits/whatever on the element :-/


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Also, why not allow multilevel sorting? For example, column A is a calculated indicator with a a few discrete values (0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1), column B is the traffic volume. Being able to sort by A - thereby grouping the visitors corresponding to each indicator value, and then within each of the resulting groups to sort by traffic would be very useful!