Workspace fallout visualization (based on event id counting, not visitor or visit)




for a customer registration process we have a funnel report setup in reports (classic).
This funnel uses events which are serialized via an event id (kind of transaction number set by tracked application itself).
We use event serialization for this funnel because from business perspective it is the best match.

In workspace we set up a funnel (fallout visualization) with the same events.
The fallout displays different values. This is probably because in workspace you have to choose as fallout configuration based on visits or visitors.
The problem is that our events use event ids and we need to configure the fallout in the same way in workspace - but this seems impossible.

So how can we currently set up in workspace a fallout displaying the same values like the funnel in reports? From my understanding we need something like a third fallout configuration type "based on event id" besides existing visits or visitor configuration.

We miss such fallout configuration in workspace. In (classic) reports this options exists, so currently we can not switch to workspace.