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Workspace: Copy + Paste Segment Containers


Level 5


Current Issue:

Users do not have the ability to copy + paste segment containers in segment builder, resulting in extra clicks needed to build segments where the same containers must be repeated throughout the segment.

Proposed Idea/Resolution:

Add the ability to copy a container in Segment Builder and paste as another container within the segment you are building -- including all the logic within the container.


Makes it faster to build complex segments when a specific container and its logic are repeated within other containers in the segment.

See example below:







v-tiwri​, you can do this already. Hold the CTRL key and drag the container / criteria to the location desired.

Still like the idea, especially if you are working with a very large segment definition. In those cases, it is harder to CTRL-drag from one end to the other.


Level 5


Nice! Didn't realize holding the CTRL key and dragging down copied the container and pasted it. Not as intuitive, but it works! Thanks Andy. Since it already exists as a feature, it would be nice if it was enhanced to be more intuitive (e.g. allowing users to right click and see a drop down menu with the option to 'copy to clipboard' similar to what's done with workspace visuals)