Web version of Ad-hoc Analysis (Discover)

vilin46004 25-07-2014

While I enjoy using Ad-hoc Analysis, I wish I could open it in a browser instead of having to launch/download it, especially because it also requires me to manage updates to Java.

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benjamingaines2 28-07-2014
Great idea. This is something we are carefully considering.
michael_won 13-08-2014

why stop there.  how about a single tool combining reports & analytics and discover.  With standard/premium it seems silly to have two tools.... just make one super product.


easier said then done im sure. : )

benjamingaines2 13-08-2014

@myquan14 : I agree completely Smiley Happy


I've been spending the morning cleaning up Forum threads, and have to say, I enjoyed this very forward-looking thread the most!

personknown 22-07-2019

jen.lasser I would definitely love to see a browser version of Ad Hoc Analysis (AHA) as long as it maintains the same functionality especially with regards to correlations and row limit (50k). Since Ad Hoc Analysis is planned to be sunset, however, it might make more sense to blend the existing capabilities of Analysis Workspace with the advanced/unlimited correlation abilities and 50k row limit of AHA together as a way leverage/tweak both to create the best possible user experience while maintaining the powerful capabilities of AHA.


We have plans to bring both features that you mention to Workspace soon. You can follow along on on the two features here:

- "correlation" (table builder) functionality: Workspace Table Builder

- 50K downloads: Allow for more than 400 rows of data in Analytics Workspace