Using calculated metrics on Data Warehouse

mmontauti5 12-04-2011

Hi all,

Yesterday I found myself working on a report and I needed to get the bounce rate for a specific country. I already setup the calculated metric to get bounce rate, but then I realized that no option to use calculated metrics on reports from the data warehouse.

I think there´s no way to do this, so that´s my proposal to be included on the platform.

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cmericle2 16-05-2011

This would be an amazing addition to Data Warehouse.  And yes I know that I can already get the data in DW and calculate it myself, but I still would like DW to do it for me.

paull75389211 11-07-2013

Totally agree, I would like to be able to select any SC15 metrics, including calculated metrics, in my datawarehouse exports also.

franperez10 10-05-2019

I join the question!

jingruw29152785 22-07-2019


kumararajak 07-10-2019

i second this

adamc92607630 25-11-2019

Is there any update on this? It's been 8 years since the original request, that's pretty pathetic from Adobe.



This idea remains on our backlog at this time. No concrete timeframe has been communicated by product management on when/if this will be developed and implemented.

xingxingy893156 10-04-2020

one more vote for this please!