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User Permission based on eVars


Level 6


For some strange reason, while user permissions can be defined to exclude props, events etc. but NOT eVars. Ironically, eVars happen to be the variables that I need the maximum control on.



Level 2


It's blowing my mind that this request is 6 years old and not a standard feature.


I want to create clean interfaces with reports and metrics that are relevant to the user who is logging on.


Especially given the ability to just free text search for reports now in the All Reports menu of Adobe Analytics, I don't want users to find random reports that they don't understand and start using them, make bad decisions. Sure, adding useful names and descriptions helps, but users won't know when things are set and fired.


What I would really like, beyond even this, is the ability to restrict access to the classifications of eVars and props. We have a lot of classifications for different parts of our teams on the same variable, and I don't want to unnecessarily clutter up the UI for different team members.


Community Advisor


Please can you sort this out? This is such basic feature that's been missing for so long!


PS I love @AdamW's idea about permissions for classifications.  We have a lot of classifcations and this would really help us mange these