Traffic Visualization in Traffic Management Overview should display server calls



Currently the Traffic Visualization in Traffic Management Overview displays page views, but scheduling traffic increases (whether permanent or as a spike) is based off server calls.  Having some sense of this by showing actual server call traffic or minimally instances/occurrences... notating counts could be greater due to vista rules, and/or whatever other factors, would be ideal.

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This is definitely something we would like to do. There are some challenges which I won't go into here, but I am marking this as "Under Review" to indicate that we are interested in doing it. 



thanks Ben!  on a similar note... wording should be updated in creating a report suite for "Estimated Page Views Per Day" to server calls since this option is for hardware allocation as well.


thanks again!



you should definitely do this! you have the data to make accurate predictions based on annual or other traffic trends. it's insane to me that i have predict server calls by day when there is no interface that gives me this already!! you must have it for because you bill like this. but there is no place for me to look at server calls by day historically. 

you should definitely  do this. did I say that already? you should definitely do this. i think i have asked for this feature at every major tentpole event for the NHL and NFL the past 10 years. you should definitely do this.



It would also be helpful to see the actual server calls against the projections afterwards so we can adjust our methodology.  The only way to know if our estimations is if there is a major latency issue.