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Toggle for Custom VRS Components auto inclusion/exclusion


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There are two use cases for VRS component customization:

1: Specifying a smaller set of core components to be available in a VRS (auto-exclude anything new)
2: Removing specific components that might not be applicable to a VRS (but wanting everything else included)

By default, any new component created in the parent report suite is placed in the Exclude bucket, this works great for use case #1, but for use case is #2, we constantly have to be going into the VRS settings to move new components from "Exclude" to "Include".

It would be awesome if there were a toggle in the VRS settings to auto include, or auto exclude newly created components.



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Hi Andrew, that's an awesome thread that goes into pretty solid detail on the issues you're experiencing!

Do you feel like these two topics are related closely enough for them to be considered duplicates so we can focus the conversation in this thread, or do you feel like the two topics are different enough to warrant their own idea?


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Hi Gigazelle, thanks for reaching out.

The ideas are definitely strongly related as the both relate to the way VRS curation currently affects the inclusion/exclusion of components.

However, my thread is very much focus on this impact on user created components (segments/calculated metrics).

Also, the suggested solutions are very different; the solution in this thread would not address some of the key issues I'd like to see solved such as the impact on segment sharing, segments being either available to all or available to none etc.

Which is a long way of saying I think they should be kept separate