Tell users that they have the ability to reset their locked account.



When a user gets their account locked out from entering too many incorrect passwords they have the ability to unlock their own account. The problem with that is they have no idea they can do that!! A simple request of a new password (the forgot your password link) will reset any locked account. I get so many emails about users asking me to reset locked accounts, that it is really becoming very time consuming. Please please please add some language to the 'you are locked out' message that will give the user some instructions on how to unlock their own account.

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Wow. I didn't even know this was an topion. You have just made my admin life wayyyy easier.


It will be easier still if Omniture adopts this idea and makes the message more apparent/clear to the end users as you suggest.


Here's another option: Upon lockout, the system could automatically generate the reset email to the username's address if it matches a username in the sysetm.



me too having this problem. 



It has been a lot of users sending request to us to unlock their account due to wrong password. Please see below screenshot for detail.

The red error message is really confusing and misleading. We have spend a lot of time and effort just to tell users to use the forgot my password link to reset their password, and it is being really annoying, non efficient and waste of our time.

* This can be easily avoided by just add one more line saying: please use forgot my password link below to reset your password and unlock your account.

I really hope this can be taking care of!





Make the link red and flashing as well.



Haha, Dave. Love the idea.



Wow. Add me to the list of folks who didn't know this was an option! I spend *way* too much time dealing with password resets, and I always assumed I needed to be involved. At a company with 400 mostly occasional users, this would probably easily save me a couple hours per month.



I'm making both of these changes!



Done! And the best part is that I made this change in the code myself. Users now see a link to the "Reset My Password" page in the message that they receive when their account has become locked.