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System Outage Notification Emails


Level 2


Outages, unplanned and otherwise can detrimental impacts on customers and their relationships within their organizations.  Although they do not occur often; there needs to be an automated system outage notification that can be emailed out to each client's supported users. 


Clients should also have the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving these notifications; but by default all outages that would prevent users from being able to access or utilize a products like SiteCatalyst, Discover, SearchCenter or Test & Target; would trigger a notification.

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Level 1


The System Outage Notification Emails should go beyond the Supported User list.  For instance, a data center outage impacts all users of the product.  Simply sending out a message to the supported user list in that instance is not sufficient.  A blast should be sent out to all users of the product via email.  A separate note should still be sent to just the supported user list in case any of them need to notify their clients with an urgent message by phone or by any other means.