Summing Calculated Metrics in the Total row on Dashboards



Calculated metrics are worthless on a dashboard when they summed in the Total row. Apply the formula in the Total row

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I logged into ideas.omniture to post this same thing. All I see for a Total is "n/a".


It's too bad this is not considered a defect. According to Customer Care it's "by design", well this is a very poor design.



I understand there are differences in how the Totals row data is processed, but this should at least be an option that one can uncheck in the setup of the calculated metric if you don't want it to apply to the totals row. Otherwise it should by default apply.



I keep coming up against this issue, and it's very frustrating that calculated metrics are worthless on the Totals row. I understand that it's a limitation to what the logic is coded to do currently, but aren't things suppose to be coded to produce what Clients need to see in the reports??? Retorical question... I'm obviously just continiously frustrated by this limitation as it seems like such a common sense feature that I'm surprised it continutes to be unavailable.


For example, I'm running a very simple report in SC v.15, Site Metrics > Key Metrics, and only adding two metrics, Visits and the calculated metric Site Conversions (Orders/Visits). I need to see this metric for a rolling seven days, with the granularity set to Day. The report shows the Site Conversion fine on the Day rows, but the Totals row is litterally Summing the Site Conversions column. So at the day granularity level, where I see the conversion rate around 1.7% each day, (give or take), the Totals row shows a Site Conversion of 12.07%... What the %@&#!




With the latest release of Adobe Analytics totals for calculated metrics are no longer a sum but a site wide application of the formula.