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Sort Reports by Variable/Pagename not just Events/Metrics columns


Level 10


Often it would be helpful to Sort the results on a Report alphabetically by the Variable or Pagename values (especially when filtering down a result set) vs. only being able to sort on the numberic Events/Metrics columns.

i.e. By the first column in all reports





Excellent points, Mark. This has plenty of potential, especially on reports that don't have thousands of values in them. Is that how others see it as well?


Level 2


The ability to sort by name would be extremely valuable. One solution to the thousands-of-values issue would be to allow filtering by a metric (e.g. only show campaigns with visits > ##). Google Analytics handles this pretty elegantly.


Level 6


I'm pretty sure you can do this today if you manually select which values you have in the report.  Meaning if you pull in 'Mobile Device Type' you won't be able to sort it.  However if you just pulled in Other, Mobile Phone, Tablet you can sort it.  Not sure if that helps with your uses case, but thought I'd mention it.


Level 5


Can I add to this -- it would also be great to be able to sort by dimensions that are date format, so that the dates are chronologically ordered. Not all dimensions/variables are string values, so being able to sort by date format should also be explicity called out as part of this feature please

Thank you!