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Some Experiences made during Analytics User Migration to Adobe Experience Cloud Users


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We are currently preparing the migration of Analytics users to the Adobe Experience Cloud.

As we have quite a few users, we practiced the migration with five users first, which was worth it.

Here the feedback they came up with and some interesting findings after 3 client support sessions.

I think some of them might be interesting for your own migration :

  • In Analytics the login happened with usernames (in our case NOT the E-Mail adress), while in the Adobe Experience cloud, the user logs in with his/her E-Mail Adress. This fact is not reflected in the login dialogs.
  • When users use their old bookmark (e.g. sc3.omniture.com) and login to with their Adobe ID oder Federated ID, the first login attempt fails and you have to try login a second time. Current Workaround: User shall use the new url "experiencecloud.adobe.com".
  • The example mail given in Analytics Migration Help references "marketing.adobe.com", which leads to a redirect. Seems that depending on the security settings, this leads to an SSO problem.
  • The Login Dialog is irritating for users which are using a enterprise or federated ids. It works, but usability is sub-optimal.
    First Login Dialog prompts for "Adobe ID":


The second Login Dialog prompts for the Adobe ID (where user can put in their Enterprise/Federated ID). Alternatively the Enterprise ID not very prominently found at the bottom of the dialog.


  • The Welcome Mail contains a typo, which might irritate a bit. The button is above and not below (BTW: Also the german version is wrong)


  • We will compile those feedbacks in a separate Welcome Mail, which we send upfront to our user community.
    • It would be helpfull to be able to configure a company specific welcome Mail, which is sent out in the same moment as the Welcome Message of the Adobe product is sent. Maybe anybody knows, how to do that?
  • When adding users by mean of the bulk import into the Admin Console, we encountered a region specific problem. Our CSV's were not comma delimited, but Tab delimited. The resulting error code is not specific enough to spot the problem quickly. So if import fails, verify that your CSV is comma delimited

Hope some of those findings is helpfull for you.


PS: I post this findings in the community (hoping, that they find their way into the FAQ and help pages).



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Hi frankl27226791

first, thanks for sharing insights and some tips (own welcome mail in the company). most of those issues a had myself when doing migration in our company. and I could even add more to the list...

did you migrate any user from AdobeId to FederatedID as well? could be an additional list of about 5 bugs/issues adding to the list ...

biggest pains:

- "goodbye email" and "welcome email" at the same time AND in different languages!

- after migration, user has a "selector" asking if he wants to use AdobeID or FederatedID. completely useless since AdobeID is not valid anymore...

- still haven't found a way to change the user language ...

- some more ...