SiteCatalyst - Configure Report Before Loading It

jeff_terry 12-08-2010

In SiteCatalyst, you currently have to load a report, then change the date, then change the metrics, then do a search, or in whatever order you so wish, but 1 step at a time.  Each step, you have to wait for the report to load again.

It would be extremely helpful and time saving if you would allow us to configure all of the report options in one window, (possibly AJAX like the Calendar), before loading anything.  You could set the Date (Time-Frame), Trended/Ranked, Day of Week, Metrics, Smoothing Applied, Search/Filter, etc....all before loading the report. 

Of course, this would be in addition to what is already available where you could load the report and do everything 1 step at a time still if you so wish.

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briankbc 12-08-2010


and then there is the added benefit of reduced load on SC reporting servers and faster reporting all round


Well done EndlessInsight

sunshynegirl84 17-08-2010

I remember this actually used to be a feature several versions ago (v13?).  Wondering where it went...

adamgreco0 18-08-2010

This was removed from an older version.  I thin kit was due to a lack of use...


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