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'Shortlinks' To Reports Should Work When Pasted In Excel Or Word


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The 'link to this report' feature in SiteCatalyst is very helpful. But this doesn't work when we paste links (example: https://sitecatalyst.omniture.com/x/1ujnq)

in Excel or Word. When we past shortlinks to reports in Excel it doesn't take you to the custom report. Instead, it takes you to the generic 'Site Overview' dashboard. This is a real problem as we build more reports using Report Builder. It would be a great feature to give Report Builder docs links to the full report in Site Catalyst.

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In my tests with the latest versions of Excel and Word, I was able to click on shortlinks and end up at the correct report in SiteCatalyst. If you are still experiencing issues with this, I would recommend you reach out to ClientCare for additional assistance.