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Shared liscense for Discover should be by 'hours' rather than individuals


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Sharing one Discover liscense doesn't really work well for our team since we don't currently have one person, but several and they all need to get in and use it at exactly the same time ( month end).  Yet if you added up their hours of use, they wouldn't approach a single person's full time use for this feature.    I would rather we have the liscense allow multiple users login and use it simultaneously and if you use more than 40 hours pers week per organization of logged in time, then you should buy another 'seat' or liscense.   This would be more in line with how many of your customers use it I imagine and more fair. 

thanks for considering.

joan king

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When renewing Discover as part of the Digital Analytics Bundle, customers can have as many Discover licenses as they do SiteCatalyst licenses.