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Set Targets with simple file upload (XLS, CSV)


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Setting Targets is cumbersome especially for extended periods often preventing their use.  Having to hand enter values one at a time for each day makes this near useless for upkeep, changes, etc. (Sample below)


UPDATE: Thanks Adam, and agree I'm still left scratching my head on how the user interface makes sense and issue still stands as not simple to do.


How is it that users can be on the screen to "Add / Edit Target" (Picture directly below) and yet NO Where in site is a link to "Import" your data for that target (it's back on the list of Targets screen so not contextual) but instead the only comment/direction that is there only indicates "...enter your target values here." ??


There are still several issues here even with the SAINT like template:

  1. Hand entering on the current screen is still a useful need for quickly setting targets - but little sense expecting users to enter same value reptitevly for each day vs. a From-To range - need table like interface where on each row can a) select granularity from drop down, b) start date, c) end date, d) value
  2. Import template should be an option right there on the "Add / Edit Target" screen for the target you are actually working where it is obvious, intuitive and common sense - and the current comments on screen updated accordinlgy to call out both options
  3. The file template should then be contextual to the target (pre load Target name maybe?) and very clear on formats required in each column with the strings expected (two comments currently). Unlike SAINT where we can load what ever we want beyond the key as classifications with no impact, these are functional values that if not exactly correct it will fail.  Users must know the exact requirements for all fields i.e. Is it metric number/name? Breakdown? Breakdown type? Capitalized or lower case?

 Current Download Template (file empty below this):

Target NameMetricBreakdown TypeBreakdownGranularityStart DateEnd DateTarget Value


Current Add/Edit Target screen:




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Here is how you do this:


Go to "My Account"

Choose "Targets"

Click on the "Import..." button























Download the Target Template

Fill out the template so it looks something like this:




















After the template is filled out Import it (just like SAINT)...


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Actually, the functionality Adam mentioned in his 2010 comment does not work anymore, at least not in SC15. I asked ClientCare where the "Import Targets" feature had gone, and the reply I got was this:


"I just got the reply from our escalation team that the upload feature for targets has been removed. It never worked so we removed the option"...


So... it's not working, but instead of fixing it, let's just remove it?


Please get back a possibility to import targets. Adding daily or even weekly targets for a whole year one by one is taking way too much time, and our users worked a lot with targets (budget targets) when this was working.


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yes please please please bring this feature back! Without the ability to upload Targets this feature is also useless for us.


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the target functionality without a (simple) upload feature ist useless.

would be great if at least "copy & paste" would work ....