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Session/ Visit end type indication in analytics


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Visits metric has 4 different scenarios of when the visit ends and a new one starts.


It would be useful to know and be able to filter and segment on each one whoch will go a long way to better understand oniste behaviour and whats driving an increase in visits per user


  • 30 minutes of inactivity: Almost all sessions end in this manner. If more than 30 minutes has lapsed between image requests, a new visit begins.
  • 12 hours of consistent activity: If a user fires images requests without a 30+ minute gap for 12 hours, a new visit automatically starts.
  • 2500 hits: If a user generates a large number of hits without starting a new session, a new visit is counted after 2500 image requests.
  • 100 hits in 100 seconds: If a visit consists of more than 100 hits that occur in fewer than 100 seconds, the visit automatically ends. This behavior typically indicates bot activity, and this limitation is enforced to prevent these processing-intensive visits from increasing latency and increasing the time it takes to generate reports.