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Segment Export


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We use the Segment Export process to export data on an ad hoc basis. The version we have looks like this Query = SegmentExportQuery: Command = string: C:\\Perl\\bin\\perl.exe C:\\Scripts\\segmentmaster2.pl --get-file Aseem-danny-ext.txt --keep-local --delimiter \"~\" --key 0,1 --sum 2 --print 2 --output-filename \"C:\\Program Files\\Visual Server\\Exports\\Aseem-danny-ext-combo.txt\" Filter = string: Month = \"Jun '09\" and DN_Ext_Ticker_PV <> \"\" and DN_UID_PV <> \"\" Level = string: Page View Output File = string: Exports\\Aseem-danny-ext.txt Output Format = string: %DN UID PV%~%DN Ext Ticker PV%~%=Page_Views%\r\n Schedule End Time = string: Schedule Every = string: Schedule Start Time = string: Time Limit (sec) = double: 0 As u can see the Command line is very long and can get longer depending on conditions included + it requires knowledge of the syntax and format. What would be great if the Command line could be broken out into its components i.e. Using Segmentmaster - Y/N; File to combine - ________; Delimiter used - _____; etc.