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Scheduled Projects log and renewals


Level 3


I actively use dozens of scheduled projects.  I have two suggestions:


1.  Projects occasionally don't get delivered.  there is no means of checking on them.  The additional of a log (as there is with scheduled reports) would be helpful.


2.  Adobe sends renewal emails for each scheduled project when it is slated to expire.  These emails often get lost because they have the exact same Subject Line as the project email.  Alter the subject line so that it sames something like "Renewal Notice"



Level 1


I have expired scheduled projects that I would like to renew. The number next to Expired under Components > Scheduled Projects > Expired shows there are (10), but when I filter, only 4 are shown. The projects that I want to renew are not showing. Why are they not there? Is there another way to see them? The log as requested in this thread would alleviate this problem.