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Request per hour by API v.14


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Having a request per Hour would optimize a lot the responses because of the large amount of data returned. The functionality is available in v1.3, but it hasn't been provided in the API v1.4. How exist limit of data in return responses, this parameter become very import when is necessary extract informetion that exceed the extraction limits  supported by API.

For exemple:

While we were trying to test version 1.4 API we faced another error:

Scenario tested:

  • Parameters:






        "dateFrom":"2016/11/25 09:00:00",

        "dateTo":"2016/11/25 09:59:59",


        "dateGranularity": "hour",

        "source": "warehouse",

        "metrics":[{"id": "visits"}],

        "elements": [{"id":"evar44"}],




Evidence Printscreen:

We have requested in this case an specific period of 1 hour (09am to 9:59:59am).

Unfortunatelly the output is not attending to this period and show us ‘0’ as hour filter.

Even though the period is set as …


…the dataset presented is showing us 24 hours (the whole day) of information.


The complete procedure is here:





Beacuse of that, the response of the execution is taking too long and 2 pages of data (not as expected).


While trying to actually extract the second page the Responses is presenting ‘forever’ the following message: “sending request for repot.get()...” .

No results are returned.


Please write back if you have any questions.