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Report Filter Improvements


Level 2


Hi all...


I would like to propose two potential improvements to the use of filters in Workspace.


1. Allow filters to be used/set at a report level.

- At present if you have multiple panels which you want to have all the same filters on you need to add them each manually.  It is a pain.  It would be easier if you could set the filters you want on a report (or on one panel and select apply to all panels - the same way dates currently work potentially).


2. Allow you to control width of filter diplay text/content

- At present you cant adjust the width of text that displays for a filter.  As such you either need very short filter names or need to hover over each filter just to see what the actual filter is you would be selecting.  It would be great if you could adjust the display width of a filter (the same way you can with the column widths).

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