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Report drilldown improvements


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I think that Adobe needs to up their game in the report drill-down features of Workspace. Items that are missing and almost prevent a good workflow to me are:


1) ability to keep all rows in a report with a specific drilldown dimension/segment: there should be a feature to allow drill-down of every row item that appears on the report, automatically.


Example: a report is broken down by day of the month and then by hour. The report is created on 15 October and the report date is set to "this month". As the days of the month go on, the report will add more days of the month, but the days of the month that were added after the report has been configured won't be broken-down by hour. This is a terrible limitation to me.


2) ability to set a specific drill-down configuration to all rows in a report. 


Example: a report is broken down by page and then by page url. My website has 100 pages and url variation of those pages don't go beyond 5 urls. Thus, I want to add a drill down dimension (page url) to each of the 100 pages listed in the report. I want all of the pages to be drill-down by the page url segment with 5 rows under each page url drill-down. I want this setup on all 100 pages, applied automatically to the 100 rows (including potential future rows as I add more pages to my website). Currently, I need to manually set up the amount of rows in a drilldown for each main roll. That's not practical. I know about table builder, but that's still limited. For example, I want all drill-down rows to be sorted in a certain way. How do I set that up for the 100 drill-downs automatically?


Thank you.



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Yes! This would help... I have found one little trick for #1, but it would be nice to have it automatic....


My trick is, if I know my rows numbers are going to change - i.e. Days of the Month, I will build my report with a past month that has 31 days, I will build my breakdowns, then I will make sure ALL the breakdowns are switched to use "Breakdown by Position"



Then when I set the report range back to current month, I the breakdowns are made by position rather than the specific day for the current month. I will sometimes use this trick on other dimensions - setting my report range to 2 years to try and get as many rows as possible, and make sure I do the breakdown on all 400 rows by position. Then I go back to the current report and create my limits. Hopefully, in the meantime, these tips will help, but not having to jump through those hoops would be lovely.


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That's a good temporary solution, thanks for sharing. I just hope Adobe sees the point in making meaningful changes to this.