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Report Builder - select segment from cell


Level 3


It should be possible to select a segment from Excel cell location in Report Builder and therefore change the segment for multiple requests at once, the same way as you already can select the Report Suite or other values from an Excel cell.





Level 1


This is an interesting concept. The only reason you can use select report suite from cell is because you can use the report suite ID to do so, since the friendly name of report suites and segments can easily change. Would you be interested in this feature if we were to require you specify the segment ID in a cell?


Level 2


great idea, but would also be significantly more powerful if you were able to share segments across reporting suites as well.


Level 4


i was coming here to post this idea. it would be great to see this happen asap.  otherwise i have to recreate a data block for each individual rsid.


it would also be nice to see segments that can be copied or shared or made global.