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Report Builder for Mac


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Would love to see Report Builder available for the Mac. Out of my last 3 jobs, I've only been able to use it once for this reason. Not willing to get a PC just for Report Builder, but it would be huge to begin using this tool once again.



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Chiming in as another vote that (almost) the only reason I keep (or use) Parallels on my Mac is so I can run Report Builder. It would be great to have a Report Builder option for Mac, as I've also got clients that are all Mac-based, so Report Builder is only usable if I build and schedule something to be sent to them. They can't actually edit/own/refresh the queries.


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We are Mac and PCs in our organization and would love to have Report Builder for Mac. All of us have Office 365. 



Do you have an update since last post from June 2016 or even an ETA?




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It is truly unbelievable that Adobe has not put a solution in place to support report builder, or a comparable tool, on OSX.  "Lack of .Net support", "competing priorities", "Lack of resources" and every other 'excuse' that has been provided by adobe is just that, an excuse.  It's lazy, and because adobe doesn't offer direct connection, and only very limited API support, they should be sure the tool sets that they do offer are available to all customers.




@braedonsz: I understand that you're frustrated, and I'm sorry about that, especially if it seems like we are making excuses here. Managing a software product and running a software business does require making difficult choices and not pleasing everyone all the time. So, it isn't that we've opted to do nothing in lieu of adding Mac support for Report Builder; in fact, we've been extremely productive adding dozens of new features each year, but we've focused on the areas that we believe will best "move the needle" for the largest portions of our customer base. At present, this doesn't include Report Builder support for Mac. I'm very sorry if these haven't felt like the right investments for you, and as always we appreciate your feedback. 


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I would use Report Builder a lot more if it was available for Mac. I have VMWare, and will go there if absolutely needed, but it's annoying. More and more of our organization uses a mac so more people are alienated from Report Builder. Not everyone has a real need for VWMare and that's a lot to require just to use a plugin.


I do hope this gets prioritized at some point.