Remove "Launch Banner" >Be Retoka<




@1234: To clarify, is the artist/Behance attribution the more annoying part, or is it the banner overall? It is unlikely that the banner itself will be removed, but we are open to minimizing the artist attribution if that is what is bothering you. 





Well to clarify: absolutly nothing about the artist - the picture is indeed beautiful.


It's more about having more space for what the product is for: data & insights.

(Happy that this is only for the main page).


But maybe just make it a little bit smaller.



Agree, brought up during Beta.  My point was, using a laptop the workspace landing page only had around 1/3rd of screen which meant if you've a 'few' projects that's a fair bit of scrolling and a small viewport.  Whislt it may look nice it doesn't add any value.. quite the opposite 😉



I think it's safe to say that most of my users don't know that "Be" means "Behance" (or what Behance is) nor what "Retoka" is. At first I thought it was a CSS Font bug like we sometimes got in DTM where we got a flash of unstyled text. The label is meaningless to analysts, non-functional, and presented in a similar fashion/style to other functional or hierarchical elements relevant to the screen. If it were at least faded out to 30% transparency it would be clearer it's just a watermark.



Actually, while we're at it, why is it BRIGHT WHITE but the rest of the UI is at 50% transparency? Feels like it should be the other way around - and the UI should be at at least 63% to be WCAG AAA compliant. Smiley Happy



Looks like it's been made thinner in the last few days which is certainly a lot better, even with 2 big widescreen monitors it was taking up too much room! I had to google what Be Retoka was as well...