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Record Event, once per visit per eVar value


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At the moment there is the option to either:

  • always record an event
  • record an event once per visit
  • use a serialization ID


I would like a 4th option of counting an event once per visit, per a unique value of another variable (e.g. eVar, s.products)


For example, we have a number of processes that I want to trigger a completion event for, once per visit per process.


My options currently include:

  • Dedicate an event to each process and set each event to count once per visit. (uses too many events)
  • Use a single event and create a serialisation ID that is unique to the visit and process (convoluted)
  • Write logic to keep track of which processes have been completed in a cookie and conditionally add the event to the s.events variable. (again convoluted)


As we are capturing the process name into an eVar, it would be great if I could configure in the admin console to count once per visit per eVar value.



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Would be really helpful.

We would like to report on unique product views per visit (count a product view just once per visit).

We would use this to count an event once per visit and product (ID).


As the unique key is only 8characters long its hardly an option to create a unique key based on a sessionID and a product ID as this would be too long.


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Additionally, using session ID at time it is recorded would only serialize users who have cookies enabled; Adobe does an additional bit of visit-level processing which more accurately identifies visitis even when cookies are off. 


So, even if we could include a visit ID an a product ID, we would need Adobe to insert the visit ID post-processing. This would be much more straightforward as a built in option in the admin.


I have been asked at mutiple jobs "how many users viewed more than 5 products in a visit?" and can't answer that question with Adobe, without some massive cookie logic. I can only segment out in Ad Hoc how many visits triggered 5 product view= events in that visit, even if they did a back-and-forth with Google or internal search results. 


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I'm glad I searched first, because I was about to propose the same thing! For instance: I want to see a video completion rate. The problem is, users can rewind the video and hit the end of it multiple times, so in some cases, I have 10 completes for 8 starts. I COULD do "once per visit" serialization, but the user can (and hopefully IS) viewing multiple videos per visit- we have hundreds of videos. So I'd love to serialize by user/visit, by video ID.
Add to the issue is the fact that if I tried to serialize with a unique ID, I'm limited to 20 characters (Increase Character Limit of Serialized Event ID ) making it hard to try something like "mid+video ID+session ID".

I can think of SO many use cases where this type of serialization would be valuable.