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Realtime Dashboard


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Hi guys,

not sure if this is an idea or more a question: But are realtime dashboard available somewhere within AA?

I'm not talking about the old "reports" where it was somehow possible but which will be discontinued anyway by end of 2023 but about workspaces. In simple: something that Google Analytics offers where I can see which users are currently on my website/page, from where they are etc.


Why is this feature important to you: to get an realtime overview what happens now, e.g. interesting for big events like Black Friday, etc.

How would you like the feature to work: simple and quick

Current Behaviour: not possible



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Setting up real-time reports within Reports & Analytics consists of selecting the report suite and configuring up to 3 reports for it.

  1. Select the report suite for which you want to enable real-time reports.

    Navigate to Analytics > Reports > View All Reports > Site Metrics > Real-Time and select the report suite from the drop-down at the top:



    If you try to view real-time reports for a report suite that has not been set up for real-time reporting, a message displays that enables you to set up the report suite.



  2. Click Configure (gear icon) to run the Report Suite Manager.

    (Also available under Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > Real-Time.)

  3. Turn on the Enable Real-Time setting.

  4. Set up real-time data collection for up to three reports, with one metric and three dimensions or classifications per report.


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hi @VinayC 

thanks for your reply, again "reports" will be discontinued by end of 2023, our company is not supporting it anyway => so what about then? any other option to make use of realtime dashboards within e.g. the workspace?